Friday, November 13, 2009

pretty in pink

Out of the clear blue sky, I get this box wrapped in grey paper with Portuguese printed all over it. I tear it open— as I tear every package open— and wrapped inside a delicate cocoon of tissue paper, I spy something deliciously pink. I discover a button. Then I freak out.

Last Month, Fluevog asked people to vote for a new colourway for my shoe, The Zaza. The choice was between a luscious pink/pink, and a snazzy violet/orange combination— which won. Unfortunately only the winning combination could be produced, so imagine the incredible shock and joy I felt to discover that I now have a pair of the unattainable, pretty pink Zazas.
Aren't they fabulous?

Thank you Fluevog, I love you!

Submit your shoe design to Fluevog's Open Source Footwear, and you too could have your very own shoe!

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albina said...

Lucky ducky! Lovely shoes :)