Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the other side

I remember the few instances when I caught someone sketching me.
Once I was on the D.C. metro and I noticed that familiar up and down head bob out of the corner of my eye, as a guy was moving his eyes from a sketchbook to my face. I felt my cheeks burn— I tried not to act nervous or ruin his drawing by shifting away or becoming unnatural. It was an odd feeling, being the one drawn. Another time I was sketched in San Francisco while arguing with an ex of mine— which was uncomfortable for several reasons— but when the sketcher showed me the frantic lines of my anger and wild hair, and the curves of my ex's relaxed posture, the perfect capture of the moment made us all laugh.

Sketching people is intimate. There is a connection made somewhere between the eyes and the hand that holds the pen. I am not concerned with likeness when I draw, but more with holding onto that moment, that expression and feeling in a person— their essence. Sometimes the connection is so powerful that I can find a kind of perfection in my drawing, and other times it just doesn't work.

I love these portraits Javier sketched of me.
It's an honour, being on the other side.


lilasvb said...

i really like your draws

szaza said...

Thank you, but these are not mine, these are drawings of me by artist Javier de Blas. Isn't he great?

Javier de Blas said...

Thank you very much Lilasvb and so for your generous comments, Samantha.
I just remembered I hadn't looked yet at your posts about Buyukada and last days Istanbul drawings and came back to this nowhere wifi cafe to have a look. I found this beautiful present.

szaza said...

I'm happy you like the post!
I had such a fun time.

Chris Menice said...

Very well said. I've been switching computers and found your blog again. Somehow it got lost in the shuffle. Glad I'm back. You are one of the strongest voices of art for me.