Monday, April 19, 2010

the sensuality of a line

Picasso is not one of my favourite artists. I appreciate his work, but it doesn't make me weak in the knees. I did however, unexpectedly find myself swooning over his linework at the Pera Museum's exhibition of his Suite Vollard engravings, which sadly ended this weekend.

My goodness, would you look at those curls and hatches! So sensual and beautifully simple. I must admit, I fell in love a little in that quiet gallery. There's a raw sexiness to those lines— I can't get them out of my head. I contemplated the depth of my ink and held my pen differently today. I've tried my hand at etching and loved it— I think there's a wonderful harmony between etching and pen and ink. Being without printmaking supplies, I'll just have to entertain myself in the meantime with my vast collection of nibs and inks (she types with a grin)!

This heart pumps ink.



Same - not having been a great fan of the man, there is nevertheless something so true about his work - I just don't know what! We saw an exhibition in Spain and some of his images just did not work for me or anyone else I asked. It is good too see though, because it has helped me realise art is very personal - listen to yourself, not others.

Julia Kelly said...

Some of Picasso I like, some I don't- I agree with you- I like these and his blue period and sketches.

szaza said...

Ooh I do like his blue period too, and of course, Guernica. He just doesn't drive me wild though.

Javier de Blas said...

For me, Picasso was a perfect alpha mail. Nothing to do now a days. Discovered new ways in art just because he believed in himself over everyone else. He probably was an egoist. But at the same time he shows us this tenderness so many times, this child innocence, set in the primary desire, that makes us feel scared at the same time as compasive.
Beauty is always this contrast that moves you from your deep inside. At least this is what I feel when I see passion floating through Suite Vollard.
(Doubts about my limited English...)