Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sketching seems to have absorbed my hands and mind for the past year and a half, keeping me from using my imagination or drawing in a stream of consciousness, which I loved to do. I think it sort of unlocks parts of the brain and taps into something you can't find or use when drawing from life. It's drawing from a different side of life; an inner life unseen until it's on paper. A dear friend just gave me the most wonderful gift— two lovely sketchbooks that I have decided will be dedicated to the random and the unseen. Thank you, Lisa!

And away we go.


black bear cabin said...

what fun! what do you use for the color in the top photo...are you using paints, pencils, or markers? just curious...the color is so rich and beautiful! Enjoy your new journals :)

wrr said...

What a great idea. Stream of consciousness journals.

I love your drawings and am always inspired by them. I'm so glad I found my way into your blog. I haven't drawn in a while. Been busy with creature smithing for the shop. Now I feel like drawing again. Thank you, Sam.


szaza said...

Thank you, Lisa!
I'm using Prismacolors colour pencils— there's nothing like them!

Thanks so much, Winnie!

Javier de Blas said...

What a beautiful word.