Wednesday, August 4, 2010

coming down the mountain

It is wise to come down a mountain slowly, and with such a monumental experience, I feel I need to acclimatise to different emotional altitudes. I feel like a stranger in my own life; my bedroom, my bookshelves and the various objects upon them feel like they belong to some other girl— I stare at them in wonder. I look at my comfortable cloud of a bed and feel my body desire the wooden plank it slept on for a month. After my nice hot shower with real shampoo and scented soap, I don't recognise my smell. The thought of a laptop and a television fills me with unease.

So while I come down my mountain, I hope you will forgive my sparse writing.
I fully intend to post the best of the trip's six hundred photos during the next few days, but words... well they fall short of what I feel inside. This trip has been enormous. I have been moved, touched, unfolded.


Julia Kelly said...

take your time-can't wai to see

szaza said...

Thanks Julia!
Stay tuned...