Saturday, October 9, 2010

thursday's two


Çavlan said...

Hi! I really like your work and featured it on my blog today. It's here. Cheers :)

szaza said...

Wow!!! Thank you so much, Çavlan!
What a wonderful post, you've made my day :)

Çavlan said...

harika :)

babs said...

i love windows and doors, i have scads of photographs of building parts with the intent of doing a watercolour of them. That's the intent, getting the project off the ground is quite another thing

this is a long preamble to my original intent - praising your top thursday picture - colour harmony, great and composition so pleasing to the eye

your blog site is one that always gives me pleasure so - many thanks


szaza said...

Thank you so much, Barbara!
Hearing that this little blog can bring pleasure to your life makes me feel wonderful.

I know what you mean about intent and getting the project going too, too well. I have about four or five projects... wait, six, in my head right now and I intend to do them, but few have made the journey from my brain to my fingers. I think there's a block somewhere around the elbow :)

Sophie_vf said...

I really love that first picture, the way it melts and sways, the iron grill into the crumbling brickwork, like something by Dali.

Always love reading about your daily life in Istanbul, I was there for much too short a time in May and long to explore it again. Meanwhile, I love the way you let us see it through your eyes.