Friday, January 20, 2012

compassion + contrast

While still in Nha Trang, the planets seemed to align— I found myself sharing a dinner table one night with I and S, who live in Ho Chi Minh City. After some chatting and heaps of laughter, they offered to house me in the city when I came through. I was stunned— who was I, after all? Their kindness and generosity are a reminder that there are open-hearted, thoughtful people in the world. I mention this, because I feel that people can so easily slide into cynicism and suspicion, and while there are plenty of reasons to justify those feelings, we must not forget that the world is full of wonderful, caring people.

I left the quiet, green sea for a mayhem of motorbikes— green hills, for grey asphalt.
Family, for new friends.

Wild birds in the jungle, for hens in flowerpots and scooters...

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