Friday, February 24, 2012

a few delectable things

Chillies, garlic, basil, peanuts... Oh my goodness, how I was in gastronomical heaven in Vietnam. River eel with banana in coconut sauce. Delicate soups scented with star anise, and phở-- my most favourite soup in the world. Phở is a noodle soup that in my belief, cures all ills. When I lived in San Francisco, there was this little Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from my apartment, which made a marvellous phở. Anytime I felt down, sick, or concerned about something, this delicious and comforting soup would melt away anything wrong. To have it in Vietnam, was to have an even more perfect perfection-- and I enjoyed it for breakfast with dumplings every day.

Fish soups were particularly yummy, and in the Mekong Delta, I even ate... a rat! I am not sure why I did not photograph the rat, but I did sketch it. It was pretty good, and a little rabbity.


Julia Kelly said...

A rat! You are so adventurous!

Ms. Tessa Klaren said...

Wow, what gorgeous food! Do they raise rats like rabbits? I'd be afraid they were just caught off the street.

szaza said...

Haha— thanks, Julia!
I was having a chat with a man in the Delta about the rats who eat the coconut palms, and how he used to love eating them— the rats, that is. When I saw coconut rat on the menu at a restaurant, I thought, why not?

Well Tessa, there is that possibility that the rat was from the street. In fact, it is highly likely. Rats are not raised as far as I know, but caught. I just had to satisfy my curiosity‚ and I knew that if I didn't try it, I'd be left wondering why I didn't.

There were these sheep spinal cord and brain dishes I was offered in Lebanon once, and after learning what they were, I refused to taste either. I feel something akin to regret, wishing I had the guts to try the dishes. One day, when I return, I may find another marinaded nervous system in front of me, and then I'll have to take a bite!