Saturday, May 19, 2012

a little colour and curve

Doors and windows have always caught my eye— there seems to be this universal need to turn these functional architectural elements into things of beauty. I've seen it nearly everywhere I've travelled to, and generally on older buildings. It makes me sad that most newer buildings have fallen to plain rectangles and shades of beige or something equally boring. A little colour and curve can do so much.

Barbara, this is for you!


Martha said...

cok gusel:)

szaza said...

Teşekkürler, Martha!

barbara said...

huge and grateful THANKS! which one is my favourite, which one, which one - all of them of course but the doorway with the stairs beyond particularly yummy and then again the second from the top is impressive in its "stateliness" but then again the cave like door has such an air of mystery and of course the blue door, take that shade of blue add it to a door and voila a work of art! Big smile on my face, thanks again!

szaza said...

You are most welcome, Barbara!
The doors are amazing in Antakya— I'm so happy to hear this post put a smile on your face!

Here are some past doors (and I know I have more, I must have forgotten to label them):

Enjoy! :)