Tuesday, August 14, 2012

an update

My friends, as I wake up to a cool morning in Istanbul, I can scarcely believe the summer has flown by so quickly. I wanted to let you know that I am just fine, and my disappearance from Harika was due to a complete meltdown of my computer. While I was on a rhino-spotting adventure in southern Nepal, my computer decided to give up and never turn on again, taking with it precious photos and many files. I suppose Kathmandu was too much for it to handle, and hopefully I can find a talented soul to retrieve all that was lost.

That being said, I have my dinosauric back-up computer, and many photos to share with you. Luckily, everything I've snapped since Pokhara is on memory cards, so we can pick up where we left off, which was unfortunately the diarrhea story (and I got a second bout in Chitwan). Stay tuned!


Steve Baker said...

too bad about the computer. glad that your feeling better. look forward to seeing the photos. you always have such lovely photos i very much enjoy seeing them and hearing of your adventures.

barbara said...

Thanks for the update - we do worry about you when long periods go by - but then that's the voyeur's selfishness...since in all probablity I'll never take these trips....so glad you are reasonably safe and sound, despite the fickle computer and the diaherra (sp) - we used to call it the "Karachi" because that was usually where we tender Canadians first picked it up, so to speak!

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Steve and Barbara!

I am hoping that the files on my computer can be retrieved. The good thing is that shortly before going to Nepal, I backed up most things.

Sue Pownall said...

Sorry about your computer & lost stuff.

I'm on my phone & can't access my email address book... Please send me a message so we can arrange 22nd. sue_pownall (at) yahoo.co.uk

szaza said...

Hi Sue!
Will do :)