Saturday, October 6, 2012

in a canoe

It is an odd yet thrilling feeling to be rocking back and forth in a skinny, roughly hacked wooden canoe upon a swift, opaque river, knowing that beneath you lurk prehistoric monsters with jaws full of teeth... And the water's edge is so close to the rim of the little boat. Looking over to the other shore, the specter of mountains in the distance— we are on the Indian border, and yet, there they are: the Himalaya.  

They are that big.


Benjamin J. Melgares said...

Your photos are breath taking I only wish I could adventure off into some distant lands. But for now ill have to do so through your posts.

Love the sketches and I'd like to see more. Regardless keep up everything. Hope all is well.

Benjamin J.

szaza said...

Thank you kindly, Benjamin!
More sketches are coming, I do promise. I filled a sketchbook in Nepal this summer, and have been making progress in my Turkish one.

Best wishes!