Sunday, February 17, 2013

sketching by the galata bridge

While I huddle beneath my yak wool blanket and sip masala chai in an attempt to cure the nasty cough I've acquired, I thought I'd show you the last sketch I drew. Ten days ago, when I felt peachy keen, the sun was making a thrilling appearance. In celebration, I took a stroll down to the Galata Bridge for a fish sandwich and a little drawing. The light shifted between blue and a cool yellow, giving the Golden Horn a metallic sheen. Gulls competed for scraps of food, while silver headed cormorants slipped silently into water in search of fish.

As soon as I put down my pencil, the inevitable happened. A huge splat of green and white landed on my left arm— thankfully nowhere near my sketchbook or çay. I'm not sure why people consider it lucky to be mistaken for an avian feces receptacle, but hey. It's better than getting upset over the nastiness on your sleeve, isn't it? 


Bruno said...

You are a very special person. I can see it in your blog. It was a nice surprise find this on internet. Gongratulations. Bruno Pires

szaza said...

Wow, thank you so much, Bruno!

Joy said...

Beautiful sketch! Gecmis olsun! I've also been dealing with a nasty cough for awhile and finally picked up some special carob molasses mixed with a ton of herbs and a tea blend at the Spice Bazaar. My spice store swears by both to help cure me! It seems to be working too.

szaza said...

Thank you!
Geçmiş olsun to you too.
I've been having loads of honey and chili, and little by little it seems to be passing. Painting helps :)

Rob Dunlavey said...

I'm just catching up here Samantha. I like this drawing in particular (worth the extra laundry for you I'd say!).
And now you're reporting from Oman. I feel the warmth.
Bonne journée!

szaza said...

Thanks, Rob!
Funny enough, it happened again in Muscat, a splat all over my straw hat and scarf! Must be really lucky.