Sunday, November 10, 2013

the bridge and the sky

Büyükçekmece has a beautiful little secret— well, secret to most foreigners. Undulating across a little neck of water between the Marmara Sea and Büyükçekmece lake is a 16th century stone bridge, built by the Michelangelo of the Ottoman Empire: Mimar Sinan. As the vast Empire stretched from Eastern Europe to the Middle East and North Africa, the work of Mimar Sinan can be seen not only in Turkey, but in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Syria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is said that his approach to architecture was an inspiration to the architects of the Taj Mahal.

Over the course of an hour the sky and light changed so many times, illuminating the stone into a gold, or fading it to grey.


dinahmow said...

Just beautiful!

Unknown said...

wow what a cool bridge.

szaza said...

It's so lovely, and I can't believe I never knew of its existence until I moved out here!