Saturday, November 8, 2014

carnets de voyages

A few months ago, I received an email asking if Pedro and I would be interested in showing our sketches of Istanbul and the Occupy Gezi protests in a carnets de voyages group exhibition at the Centre Culturel Bellegarde in Toulouse. It didn't seem real at first, but as time went by, it began to hit us that this was actually happening. The theme of the exhibition is "The Orient", and it is one of the reasons that drove us to take on a cross-country road trip through Anatolia this summer with our sketchbooks. The past few months have been intense, as I worked furiously on the four large-scale ink portraits that were also to be included in the show, and tried to balance this, my home life, and a full-time teaching job. In the end, it all came together in a beautiful way, and I am very honoured to be a part of an exhibition with such talented, skilled, and lovely people.

Our sketches will be on display along with the work of Maya Andersson, Frédéric Rudant, Christophe Pons, and the Atelier multimédia Bellegarde, from November 6th until December 30th. Their stunning drawings, paintings, and videos will take you on a journey from Istanbul to Aleppo and Damascus, from Alexandria and Cairo to villages in Morocco.

Pedro and I have just returned yesterday evening from an exciting four days in Toulouse. I will be posting photos of the event shortly, but first, let's get back to the eastern edges of Anatolia.


moody monk said...

Congratulations, as always a Harika news, we are looking forward to see the event photos.

szaza said...

Thank you so much!
Coming soon :)

Raye S. said...

I second @moody monk!! Congrats, how exciting for you :)

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