Saturday, December 27, 2014

the human hand

There are beautiful hands to be found in the permanent collection of the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian.

Bugiardini, Giuliano. Portrait of a young woman. 1516–25. Oil on canvas.
Moroni, Giovanni-Battista. Portrait of Marco Antonio Savelli. 1543–47. Oil on canvas.
Rubens, Peter Paul. Portrait of Helena Fourment. 1630–32. Oil on wood.
Vincent, François-André. Portrait of Mademoiselle Duplant. 1793. Oil on canvas.
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste. Portrait of Madame Claude Monet. 1872-74. Oil on canvas.
Cassatt, Mary. The Stocking. 1981. Pastel.
Copy after engraving by Gauthier-Dagoty, Jean-Baptiste André. Portrait of Madame Du Barry and the Page Zamore. Late 18th Century. Oil on canvas.
Degas, Edgar. Self-Portrait, or Degas Saluant. c.1863. Oil on canvas.
Dyck, Anton van. Portrait of a man. 1620–21. Oil on canvas.


Raye S. said...

What a great collection of images! I have a personal photo project going at the moment and this is going to be an excellent research and idea treasure trove for me!
I want to shoot a series of images that look like they are cut from an old master painting.
So thank you for another delightful post :)

szaza said...

What a nice idea! Your photo really does have that old master painting feel. Glad to be of help :)

Let me know when you have more!

Rob Dunlavey said...

I give museum tours (MFA-Boston) to people with myriad types of disabilities. I like the idea of focusing on hands …and the things they can express.

Happy New Year Samantha!