Thursday, January 8, 2015

do what you love

and do it with love.


barbara said...

So lovely, it has been awhile since we've seen any of these sketches and I thank you for these, there is something comforting, charming, yet with a bit of an edge to them!

2 things, if you care to share, how do you obtain the gold portion, so even, and, what shade of blue do you use?

Thanks again

szaza said...

Thank you, Barbara! I have a lot of sketches to unload very soon, but have fallen so far behind in my posting... soon, I promise.

The gold is from an acrylic paint that I found somewhere here— it's from a brand called St. Petersburg "Ladoga", and the colour is "Maya Gold". It's a Russian brand that works beautifully, though it needs several layers.

The blue is a Winsor & Newton Ultramarine gouache.