Thursday, February 1, 2018


Today was the first day of the last year of my thirties.


Lulu's Vintage said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope that you had a great day and that you will have a wonderful year ahead!

szaza said...

Thank you :)

Unknown said...

I see from this post that you are about to have another birthday and it is so close to mine, although I am much older than you!
(Jan.31-I will be 72! how is this possible?) Mostly I want to tell you how much your blog has meant to me! I love travel and art and your photographs and sketches bring an exotic world to life for me. I miss seeing your posts and your outlook on the world that you experience. I sometimes don't visit your blog for a while, but I always come back to see all the posts in case you are still creating.
I do hope you have not abandoned this endeavor as it means so much to me. You have a really unique ability to capture what I crave. If nothing else I just want to let you know how thankful I am. I understand that with a young child your attention is directed elsewhere. May you have a wonderful 2019 and much happiness wherever you are. with Aloha, Paula

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Paula! You truly made my day— I'm touched.

A very happy birthday to you too! May this new year bring all sorts of good things your way— happiness, health, and fulfillment.

I have been feeling like I need to pick up the blog again, but it has been so tough to find the time between work and the little one. I have started sharing photos on Instagram, but have not written in a long time. I'll post a link in the sidebar.

Inshallah, I will find a way to carve out a little time to post again. I'm so happy you have enjoyed the blog! It hasn't been abandoned, just hibernating.