Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the flood

Due to a nasty cold and some catastrophic weather— the heaviest rain in 80 years, I have been indoors watching movies, drinking tea and drawing. The devastating flash floods in Istanbul yesterday have taken the lives of at least 32 people and caused millions of dollars in damage. Truly, I have never before seen so much water or heard louder thunder for so long a time. The lightning flashes were blinding. I was on a bus on the road that passes by the airport highway that was swallowed up by the muddy water. I saw a violent, yellowish river that didn't belong there, and semi trucks torn like paper. Ambulances, people shouting, hoisting, climbing... it was terrifying. I am very thankful that all I have is a leak in the ceiling, and nothing more. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones.

Today we had a break from the rain, but it is expected to return tomorrow.
I hope it won't be as it was yesterday.


fredsscratchings said...

Be well.

Kerstin Klein said...

Hey Samantha, I hope all is well. These sudden floods have been getting worse and worse here in Germany too the past 5 years.

szaza said...

Thank you, Fred and Kerstin :)

So far, we've been pretty lucky.