Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the magnificent greys of the blue mosque


dodi said...

You have a "harika" blog ! :)) I study in Milan and it has been more than one year...I've been really missing Istanbul soooo much, and today I found your blog.. Now I feel less home-sick thanks to your beautiful pictures and posts :)) Cheers :)

dodi said...

Hey Sam
I just shared your blog at my friendfeed :)


szaza said...

Thank you so much, dodi!
I'm so happy you are enjoying the blog, and that it can bring back some fond memories. I thank you for linking to Harika as well.
Warm wishes to you from Istanbul!

Oh, and you may call me Samantha, Zaza, Za or Z, but not Sam! ;)

dodi said...

Ah sorry Samantha :))
I saw somebody calling you "sam" at one of the comments on your blog,so used it like that without thinking much...
I'm Didem :) Nice to know you and your blog and hope to see more posts :)

Best wishes

szaza said...

Ooh that must have slipped by me! Haha :)

Very nice to meet you, Didem— I visited your Friendfeed and I must thank you again for your kind words. You have definitely put some sunshine into this rainy day!