Monday, August 8, 2011

my own monsoon

I'm sitting in Doha International Airport moping over a cup of coffee, kata around my neck, waiting for my flight to Istanbul. I miss my friends, I miss my kids. I have a family in Kathmandu, I have a home. Saying goodbye to the students was the hardest part of the last three days, and I've been bawling like a baby— having a monsoon of my own. Watching those impossible mountains fade off into the distance ached.

It's going to take me a while to settle back into my life in Istanbul. This parting has been a hard one. Perhaps over the next few days I'll feel up to telling you about it, but right now I feel pretty damn sad. Knowing I'll be returning is an enormous comfort, and really, all I have to do is think of my kids' smiles and I feel instantly better.

I miss you already, my artists— I love you.


lilasvb said...

sometimes it is hard to go back to real life, but we are so lucky to be abble de be away from real life with travel and art so we must be happy to go back into it, i love to read you

barbara said...

The time went by so fast but you did have your chance to once again see your loved Himalayas, not to mention all the people you connected with on so many levels.

It's hard when you connect/reconnect with a place and people and then have to return to reality....but there is always next year and your life is so much more richer for the experience....not much consolation right at this moment when your heart is sad, thankfully you seem to have an optomistic spirit and we all so enjoy travelling "with" you by this virtual thing called the internet....big sigh!

Remember, breath in, breath out - big breathes, meditative breathes and I best need to take my own advice as I too feel sad that you are leaving already!

szaza said...

Thank you both— though I would say my summers in Nepal are very much a reality and my "real life." I don't see my experiences in Nepal as being any less real than my life in Istanbul. They are more than fun holidays, they've changed my life :)

Anyhow, I will breathe...
And I will go back!

Sue Pownall said...

Loved all your reports and photos of Nepal. Next time you come through Doha maybe you could stop over and we could go out sketching?

szaza said...

Thank you, Sue!
Well I am definitely heading that way again, so why not? It would be fantastic to meet you and go sketching!