Sunday, December 11, 2011

hello, venus

The auditorium was dark, and the white-headed professor was droning on and on about something my sleep deprived brain struggled to retain. I hung my head back to stare at the ceiling, trying to recall the bizarre dream I started to have last night, when my thought, like the dream, was interrupted. The slide had clicked to reveal a wonderfully rounded form— the very definition of round. A woman, head bowed, with enormous, pendulous breasts resting on a pillow of belly and hip. I was mesmerised.

The Venus of Willendorf.

I was obsessed. I drew her thighs and rolls in the corners of my art history and philosophy papers. I memorised her curves. This 25,000 year old Paleolithic statuette enchanted me. I daydreamed of the moment she was discovered in the earth, of her voluptuous little body being carved by ancient hands and gazed upon by ancient eyes... and I dreamt of tracing the shapes of her shadows with my own eyes.

Fifteen years later, I found myself standing before her, breath stilled in my body.
I pulled out my sketchbook and pen, and drew by the light which bounced off her breasts.

I am so lucky, indeed.


Bora said...

Marvellous. She must be elder sister of the ancient Anatolian Goddess Kybele (

Anja Dalby said...

I made a copy of her 20 years ago, in soapstone. I gave her to my aunt, she still has her, and she is very lovely. Thank you for reminding me of her!

szaza said...

Bora, I have finally seen her! What a wonderful figurine— I had seen photos of her in the past, but never visited the museum until the day before yesterday. She is so commanding!

Anja, what a lovely gift :)