Saturday, January 14, 2012


Thank you to the The Kathmandu Post for publishing a selection of my sketches this weekend! I am so deeply honoured. To my Kathmandu friends, please pick up a copy of the weekend edition— and once more, thank you Ayushma for brightening my week!

I'll be posting a scan of the paper once I receive copies— I'm thrilled!


jhusilikira said...

I'm stumbling over my own have my name mentioned in one of my favourite blogs! :)

Dhanyabaad to you for being willing to contribute. It has meant so much to me personally.

Again, like I told you, the best page ever in The Kathmandu Post. I'll post some copies tomorrow. I hope you get them soon!

Waiting eagerly for your next return!

szaza said...

You are most welcome, Ayushma!

I am so very grateful, and cannot wait to receive copies— some of the students at SMD have already started reading it!

Joy said...

That's wonderful news! Congrats!

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Joy!