Saturday, May 19, 2012

little pieces of stone

I did little reading about Antakya before I hopped on the plane, but the one thing I did discover during a lazy internet search, is that the city has a to-die-for collection of mosaics from the region. The Hatay Archaeological Museum is home to some of the most stunning mosaics I have ever seen, which date back to somewhere between the second and fifth centuries CE. What was once walked upon, is now displayed on clean, white walls for us to behold as the great works of art that they are. Between the groups of awestruck, murmuring tourists, hangs a great sense of calm— the quiet, light-filled rooms leave you space to meditate on the faces of gods, nymphs, and people long passed.

Such expression, captured in little pieces of stone.


Beth said...

Amazing... and so beautiful and present. I've always been nuts about mosaics; this museum would probably put me over the top!

szaza said...

Aren't they incredible?
I love mosaics too, and this museum put me over the top! I actually went back on the second day for another hour :)