Monday, September 24, 2012

sketching in sauraha

In between exploring grasslands and jungle, dining on dal bhat, and scratching the constellation of insect bites on my limbs, I found a little time to draw.


Anonymous said...

Nice sketching, as usual! That is a really great rusty roof - and how fun is it to hear the sounds of the scene??
Thanks! (I am hearing the sounds of brittle falling leaves, here in the coastal Rainforest of BC - ! Looks hot where you were!)

szaza said...

Thanks so much, Sheryl!
It's funny, when I replay the video, I can hear all the sounds I had ignored while drawing, and it puts a different perspective on that time and place.

Ooh it was an oven— a hot, sweaty oven!

missnd said...

you should do more videos, so that i can learn how to sketch. =) i am an architect n i dont know how to sketch, and thats a real pain in the back.

love your works, they are very inspiring to me!

Sue Pownall said...

omg was that a tv at the beginning, what a dreadful noise to block out. Fabulous sketch!

barbara said...

love this sketch, what a sure hand you have!

Faber-Castell pen - love them


szaza said...

Thank you so very much, missnd, Sue and Barbara!

It was a radio– Nepali radios seem to go up to eleven :)

I used to be a strict Micron user, but since I have a hard time finding them in Turkey, I've been using the Faber-Castells, and I love them!