Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the concept of heaven

The concept of heaven to me, is of this earth. It's flexible and passing— sensory. I feel it in my fingers when they are wrapped around a mug of tea, I hear it in the laugh of a loved one, I smell it in a good carrot soup. It's everywhere, and if you are mindful and aware of what is happening around you, it will always be with you. There's a heaven for me in the heart of Portugal— the Interior, as Pedro calls it. It's in that honey morning light, the song of a wren, the scent of soil, and the warmth of a wood burning stove.

I feel a tremendous peace here, and if I let it, it swallows up my worries like a glassy pool. It's amazing— the meaningless chatter that can occupy a head, but I am convinced that every inhale of this intoxicating air will cure.


Vicky said...

This is incredibly beautiful and in alignment with my concept of heaven, too. You phrased it much more eloquently than I have, though. Thank you.

szaza said...

Thank you, Vicky!

Unknown said...

that tree is definitely a hand making an OK sign.

this one I saw in Oregon looks like a Giraffe.

nothing like a one of a kind neat-o tree

Scott Renk said...

What a beautiful post and concept Samantha!

szaza said...

Thanks, Scott!