Sunday, February 3, 2013

on cormorants, and turning thirty-four

So far, thirty-four feels no different than thirty-three. But the cormorants are starting to show their breeding plumage, and flying in giant arrows across the sky.


moody monk said...

Cormorants (Karabatak) are magical birds when I was growing up shores of Marmara sea in 70's. they were shy creatures, newer seen them close enough, fishing by plunge into sea and come out meters away.
As a regular follower of your blog, wishing you a very happy birthday.

Dan Waters said...

I like your descriptive as arrows. we have those on the LA river. I like to watch them disappear and see where they will surface...they also breath fire

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Moody Monk.
The karabatak have a special place in my heart.

Thank you, Dan.

Walks with Moose said...

It's not the years, but the smiles. I hope that you have had many smiles this year. There are cormorants on the Puget Sound and everyday they are fishing or resting as the ferry passes by. Did you ever notice how often a bird flying in the far skies can be drawn with a simple line like a smile. Happy Birthday!

szaza said...

Thank you so much!