Monday, September 23, 2013

in celebration of change

I'm a bit behind in posting— it's late September now, and there are still loads of photos from this summer that I haven't shared. So much has happened since July that I can't possibly catch up to it all, so I'm moving ahead with what is current, and will sprinkle in some summer here and there.

I have left Istanbul for a quiet seaside town outside the chaos. No more two hour commutes through murderous traffic, no more bumping my way up Istiklal, no more crazy howling neighbours, no more fearing the inevitable break-in. Upon returning from Nepal, I discovered that someone had taken the time to remove the locks from my front door— fortunately whatever they were using to jimmy open the door had broken off, and they never made it inside. As much as I love Istanbul, it is an exhausting city, and I was ready to move. I wanted owls and bats, the sea, clear skies and friendly faces. I wanted to get home from work in less than 30 minutes. I wanted light.

In celebration of our move and the coming of Autumn, Pedro and I went on a little adventure. Our destination was Lake Manyas, also called Kuş Gölü, and our goal was to catch a glimpse of two species of pelicans: the Great White Pelican and the Dalmatian Pelican. The sky was a violet-pink when we finally arrived at the lake, and the village shepherds were gently coaxing their flocks in for the night.

The air had a bite to it that called for sweaters— summer was over. We layered up and headed to the water, binoculars and telescope in hand. Distant, bulky white shapes brought childlike grins to our faces, and as we set the telescope at them to confirm what we knew they were, a battalion of Great White Pelicans soared past.

After a certain point, counting was futile— I had never seen so many pelicans in my life! One of the joys that got me through doing time at an ad agency in San Francisco was watching these prehistoric-looking beasts from the window by my desk, as they glided smoothly into the bay. Somewhere in the reddening light were the Dalmatian Pelicans, but distinguishing them from the rest of the crowd would have to wait for morning.


dinahmow said...

Beautiful, restful pictures.
And pelicans! I love them;call them Sunderlands because they always make me think of that old flying-boat!
Hope you're burglar-free now.

Rob Dunlavey said...

You take such beautiful photos. The skies in this post are so velvety, late-summer, late in the day pastels. I can feel the air (a combination of light, temperature and color). Glad to know you've found a bit of Eden.

barbara said...

oooohhhh, tell me - the colours in these recent photos - natural or a bitty enhanced?

I snagged the one with the tree, seems perfect inspiration for a watercolour...the colours, the leafless tree, the bit of red rag caught in the branches - did I mention the colours!

So glad you are finding somewhere you can feel safe and relaxed, when you feel the need for a dose of urban frantic a wee visit to Istanbul should scratch that itch!


szaza said...

Thank you, dinahmow— things are much happier here!

Thank you, Rob!

Hi Barbara, no, the pictures are not enhanced— the sky was so vivid that evening. Thank you!