Thursday, October 31, 2013

art on the street

Lisbon has some of the most incredible street art I have ever seen— some pieces are anonymous subtle surprises, while others are massive, in-your-face works of art. The Crono Project is an ongoing urban art project which commissions artists to use derelict buildings as their canvases. I was over the moon to see my very first Blu and Ericailcane, and my second Os Gêmeos (the first sighting was in Boston last year).

I think there's something healthy in having respect for street art.


artisjokken said...

yes, I agree. I have been there in the early summer I enjoyed it very much. Great city, great people,great food and wine ....:)
(I captured also some street art, you can find them on my other blog)

dinahmow said...

Fabulous!Thanks for posting these.

Dan Waters said...

thanks for sharing these,
makes me want to get back to work!

Sue Pownall said...


I went to Lisbon as a kid... I need to go back so I can see these.