Monday, November 18, 2013

breakfast bunny bread

We drove until Ayvalık, which happened to come upon us as the sun excused itself, weaving up and down narrow, crooked roads in search of a place to stay that we could afford. Eventually we found a bed in a restored cottage that I cannot remember the name of, and settled in.

As it was an old house, there were drafts which seemed hell-bent on interrupting our sleep, but we were soon revived by one of the best free breakfasts I have ever had in Turkey. What pushed this one past the warm feeling I still have from last year's Ayder breakfast, was a thyme omelette and a pool of Ayvalık's famous olive oil— perfect for drowning that ubiquitous, bland bunny bread in.

We set out for a little wander, content and warmed by several glasses of çay, squinting under the Aegean sun.


Yasemin said...

Hello :)
I follow your blog and enjoy it very much. I really like the first picture of this post. Can I use it as a photo reference for my watercolours? I don't sell my pictures, so nothing commercial. And I'll definetly give your blog's address when I post my painting to my blog. Thanks in advance :)
Keep up the good work!

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Yasemin!
You may use my photo as a reference, and I appreciate you giving me credit for the image.

I look forward to seeing your painting!