Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The Oceanarium of Lisbon is a most marvellous place, where you can lose yourself in blue light while watching an array of fantastic fish (including the bizarrely wonderful Mola mola) go about their business. The massive tanks bring you face-to-face with rays and sharks, sea turtles, and Portugal's beloved bacalhau, as though you are underwater too.

And there are other fine creatures to meet as well, which make you hop up and down with the excitement of a child— just look at this affable little puffin:

My patient little muse!


Sue Pownall said...

Looks a great aquarium. Love the bird sketch, how nice of it to sit still for you.

Happy Christmas to you both.

szaza said...

Thank you, Sue! It was a lovely little guillemot. Happy Christmas!