Tuesday, July 14, 2015

the many meats of turkey

One of the greatest things about travelling and living abroad is getting to experience the multitude of cuisines that this fine world has to offer. I will miss the many meats of Turkey. I will long for a spicy Adana kebab and its sumac-sprinkled onion slivers, and I will no doubt crave a pide or döner from time to time.

There are a seemingly infinite number of ways that Turks prepare meat, and though I have been lucky to have travelled pretty extensively within Turkey, the Tatar ciğ börek in Eskişehir had eluded me until our little recent road trip. Had I known these fluffy pillows of meat-filled dough existed, I would have gone to Eskişehir sooner.

Above all, I believe it will be Edirne's crispy and creamy tava ciğer that will keep me salivating for years to come.

Yes. Salivation achieved!

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