Thursday, August 6, 2015

fortress of storks

There's a wonderful ruin of a fortress on the edge of Rabat called Chellah, and it has been completely taken over by White Storks. In the remnants of a 14th Century mosque, the percussion of storks clattering their beaks rises and falls, overwhelming the hum of cicadas hidden in the lush gardens.

Patrolling the walls of the ruins, younger birds who have not yet learned to fear, eye trespassers with large, curious eyes.

I have never been this close to a stork before, and dare I say the experience is magical— it almost makes a person forget their surroundings. With a 10 Dirham entrance fee (one dollar), you get an archaeological site, a botanical garden, a stork sanctuary, and shade. How amazing is that?


dinahmow said...

I'm enjoying your new home, too!

szaza said...

Isn't it lovely?