Tuesday, September 15, 2015



Sivani said...

I normally lurk here, but images like these inspire me to loquacity.

One of my favorite parts of Mughal art in India is jalis - the repeating geometric carved screens (wood or stone) that serve both to reveal and obscure, and of course aid in ventilation in addition to providing ornamentation.

I recently bought a blackwork pattern to try and capture that.


Of course, added obsession resulted from my repeated travels to Turkey, with the incredible interlocking geometric patterns everywhere. I actually flattened a couple of Kleenex boxes that had typical Turkish patterns on it - one the stylized tulips and carnations in typical Iznik fashion and colors, and the other the expansion of this geometric pattern.


szaza said...

Thanks for sharing, Sivani! Those are beautiful patterns, and I have a particular fondness for Iznik work. Sadly I never made it to Iznik, but one day I hope to still.

I've been really taken by the patterns here in Rabat, and hopefully soon (once work dies down a bit) I can make it out to other parts of Morocco to see what other patterns and colours I can find.