Monday, October 5, 2015

beer, soup, and war potatoes

After all that swooning in the Van Gogh Museum, we needed a little something in our bellies. Going out for a beer in Rabat is not as simple as we had imagined, and though neither of us are habitual drinkers, the idea of sitting in a pub and having a chat over a cold glass of beer seemed heavenly.

We found a nice place with old rugby memorabilia plastered over its tobacco-stained walls, and ordered two beers of the day with soups— tomato for me, and broccoli for Pedro. Our lunch was intentionally on the light side, because there was something else I had in mind that was an absolute necessity...

Patatje oorlog, "war potatoes", is a heap of frites loaded with mayo, peanut sauce, and fresh onions. Though I am a firm believer that the Belgians have the world's best fries (OK, the Dutch are equally amazing with fried potatoes), that peanut sauce-onion-mayo combination is out of this world. Pedro was not so convinced, but I tell you, it's amazing.

Who needs ketchup?

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