Saturday, March 12, 2016

house buntings

While I've been recovering from a very bad bout of food poisoning, a troupe of industrious House Buntings have decided to invade our apartment.

They fly in at the slightest sign of a window left ajar, demanding seeds and hopping all over the place, inspecting our slippers and perching atop furniture!

Cheeky little birds. They take their name seriously!


Anonymous said...

Ack. Food poisoning is brutal... 5 times, for me. I think these Buntings know bird people when they find them. :)

szaza said...

This was my fourth, and second in Morocco! I can't believe I made it all those years of travel to Nepal with only one instance. Maybe I'm less cautious here?

Oh yes, the Buntings know. I just pulled up the shutters this morning to find one cheeping insistently at me from the balcony railing.