Sunday, June 26, 2016

a marcha é liiiiiiiiiiinda!

The Marchas Populares are a key feature of Saint Anthony's Night— a noisy parade of dancers and musicians donning Wonderlandesque costumes that somehow represent the different neighbourhoods of Lisbon, which are competing for the "best march". Each neighbourhood has its own song, choreography, and props, which elicit cries of "A MARCHA É LIIIIIIIIIINDAAA!" (the march is gorgeous!) from their supporters. As you can see below, Campolide decided to celebrate its prison, in a most fabulous and rather bizarre way:

Bairro Alto went with a clockwork theme for some reason, and Benfica seemed to be saying something about... pedestrianization?

It was awesome festival of glitter, tinsel, and all things shiny. There was even a dancing aqueduct and a parade of actual brides and grooms!

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