Wednesday, July 12, 2017

back into the belly

The first month of motherhood has been a surreal blur of dirty diapers, tears, sleepless nights, and the wonder of having a little one that was once poking around in your belly staring up at you with big, curious eyes. I doubt I'll find much time to blog in the next while, but as I have a moment right now (and don't need to eat, shower, go to the bathroom, or sleep), I thought I'd take you back to a time when Baby was eight months inside me, and the three of us were wandering around in a sweltering Fes. So, if you are ready and patient, I've got some things to show you!


Marisa Ortún said...

Congratulations. Enjoy the baby.
Beutiful pic as always.

szaza said...

Thank you Marisa!

Jardzy said...

I am patiently waiting. Dont comment much but I am reading you.
Love, J.

Sabine said...

Oh yes, those first blurry weeks.
Will I ever forget? No.
And my advice has been ever since: Do cherish every day and every night, every moment of exhaustion when baby will not let you get a wink of sleep, every nanosecond of cranky and irritable crying, never mind the smells and the laundry and the chaos because every day, every hour, your child is moving away from you and into her own independence and while you will watch and help and marvel at her doing it, you will never be this close again. Now is the time.

szaza said...

Thank you Jardzy and Sabine!

Oh Sabine, the exhaustion is unlike anything I have ever experienced— but there's nothing like that first smile and every smile thereafter!