Sunday, November 5, 2017

a closer look

Have you ever seen anything so blue that wasn't the sky or the sea? Apart from an Yves Klein work of art or the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, I haven't experienced blues so blue— and it is an experience, rather than a sight. These are colours that swallow you.

The Rif town of Chefchaouen began to turn blue somewhere around the 1930s, and it is said that a Jewish population fleeing Nazi Europe began to paint the old medina blue for spiritual reasons. The various shades of blue, pigments mixed with lime, became a tradition that soon attracted tourists from all over the globe.


Marisa Ortún said...

So beautiful !! I didn´t know the reason, Thanks

szaza said...

You are welcome!

Profösör said...

I am very influenced by the culture of the blue, the blue, and of course this sharing. It looks like your blue is a spell. The blue is a blessed one. Blue man gives life to a joy and makes you forget sadness. Thank you.