Friday, January 16, 2009

new shoes, an early gift and an experiment.

Isn't it marvellous when something you've had your eye on is suddenly 60% off? I've been dreaming of these strappy gray babies since before the holidays. Today I'm wearing the 10 lira/6 dollar shirt-dress I found at the Levent market in December, my souvenir-scarf from Lebanon and the belt I got for Christmas from my mom. I ended up switching shoes before running out the door since I was planning on going to Ortaköy, a fun part of town with narrow cobblestone alleys that while charming, can eat up your heels. It was a quick trip— tea in a cosy café, a game of checkers and peeking in boutiques. As an early birthday gift, my sister bought me a gorgeous handmade necklace of antique beads crocheted onto the trim of old scarves. I fell for it instantly, it so reminded me of spring. I still can't quite believe I'll be 30 in the next two weeks. I'm excited—
I plan on having much more fun in my thirties.

On Tuesday I went to a café in Yeniköy called the Yeniköy Spor Kulübü, where people often get together to play Mah-jong, Okey and cards in addition to having lunch. I decided to try sketching with gouache in an attempt to loosen up my drawing style. I think I'll keep trying to see what happens.

Please click on the image to see it larger.

It is imperative that any Sketcher have within reach a delicious Turkish coffee, or kahve. A Turkish coffee is thick, silty and strong, served in a dainty little cup. I like it best orta, medium-sweet— your other options are şekersiz, sugarless and şekerli, sweet. There's a tradition of flipping the emptied cup upside down onto its saucer and reading the future in the sediment left behind. I've seen a jungle full of animals and patterns in mine, but I haven't the foggiest what it all means!


Chris Menice said...

Awesome job with the gouache! I've been working with gouache in my molies too. It's pretty good and fun.

I love these entries szaza. It's fun to see you're doing well and having fun.

I would love to try some of that coffee. I absolutely love coffee. Would drink it all day, but then I'd never sleep!

szaza said...

Hi Chris! Thank you— I'm glad you are liking the blog!

Isn't gouache great?

Stephen B said...

All looks wonderful.

Chris Menice said...

Yes, I'm loving gouache, though I'm not a very skilled painter! I have a long way to go at that.

I just got some new paints. They are fluid acrylics. They act like watercolor, but are permanent like acrylic. I can't wait to try them out.

szaza said...

Thank you Stephen :)

Fluid acrylics? Wow— let me know how that is, Chris. They sound great! What's the brand?

Anna Denise said...

I love the way you blog. The pictures, the sketches, the stories. Love it!

szaza said...

Thanks Anna!