Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sketch and tea

First off, I'd like to mention how happy I am to be able to say "President Obama." I watched the Inauguration last night, moved and inspired. I feel proud and optimistic. And goodness, I can't help but say it— didn't he look hot?

I was glad today was a little warmer since I still don't have any proper winter clothes. I was able to throw on a coat over my standard SF uniform and leave the house without freezing— which felt so good. I went to Yeniköy Spor Kulübü again to do some sketching and have a tea. Turkish tea, çay, is a black tea that's served piping hot in little tulip-shaped glasses with sugarcubes on the side.

When I was close to finished, the waiter asked if he could see what I was drawing. I showed it to him, then suddenly he took my Moleskine and presented it to the man drawn here. What was a look of utter confusion melted into a big grin, and all sorts of things were said with smiles. The man was so flattered, especially since he felt he was drawn younger, and asked if he could get a photocopy of the sketch. With my nod and an "evet," Turkish for "yes," the sketch was whisked away to a little scanner/printer by the cash register. I signed the photocopy and handed it to my model, who was all smiles and thankful. It was an experience that made my day.

Then I went to Asia— I love being able to say that! I needed a new duvet and a few random things, so I crossed the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge to Ikea. Sometimes Ikea is just the place for what you need. I also got an akbil today, which is a rechargeable metal button that works as a bus, metro and ferry pass. You charge it up with money and get to pay a reduced fare. Now there's no stopping me.


Carlos Alberto Arismendi said...

Beautiful picture, but the girl is the star that shine in the blog.

szaza said...

Why thank you Carlos!

Carlos Alberto Arismendi said...

Every time, when i go into internet, i need to see your blog, and to admire the pics in there. i really think you are the most beautiful girl that i ever seen.
sorry for my english.
go ahead with your sketch.
its a really inspiration for many people

szaza said...

Goodness, thank you so much!
You make me blush!