Sunday, February 15, 2009

"broken cookies taste the best."

Sometimes cold, rainy-snowy Sundays are best spent indoors, in pajamas, baking cookies with your little sister. We made a batch of deadly peanut butter chocolate chip and a healthier banana oatmeal. Cookies that were not presentable were naturally sacrificed, accompanied by cups of tea or milk.

* * *

With a full and content stomach, I continued working on my latest Coup and an Angry Woman, part of my Angry Women in Party Dresses series. I've been drawing my Angries for a couple of years now, and selling them out of a gallery in SF. This one is to be donated to The Junior League of San Francisco's charity auction at their 83rd Annual Fashion Show, which is on March 14.

The Angry Women started as fun workplace doodling and evolved into an actual series of ink drawings. They are highly fashionable women that are of course, angry. I have a great time drawing them, and sometimes envy them for their fabulous gowns and jewels.


Carlos Alberto Arismendi said...

My comment for you is not going to be a little letter, is going to be a picture. I took this three pictures last sunday and this ones rememberme a lot your beauti.

Belen Art said...

The angry women drawings are really cool. Great idea!

szaza said...

Thank you Carlos, the picture is lovely— and thank you Belen Art!

clare said...

Ooooh, I think your 'angry women' are sensational. Can't wait to see more.