Monday, February 23, 2009

snow green

There's this amazing thing that happens every time it snows— the Bosphorus turns this amazing pale green. It only happens when snow is on the way or falling from the sky. I remember being mystified by the colour change when I was a little girl, and I am happy that the wonder hasn't faded. When I saw the green yesterday, I knew. The green is best seen close to water level, but you can get a sense of it in the photograph above.

I thought it would be magical to walk down Istiklâl in the snow, with a paper bag of roasted chestnuts. It didn't occur to me that coming down the hill would mean a slight change of climate, so I ended up taking a stroll in the rain.

In a little alleyway that had piles of clothes on tables and racks for sale, I was delighted to find this cute sweater for 5 lira— $2.93 with today's exchange rate! I can't wait for spring.


LallaLydia said...

What a beautiful color on the water - and such a cute sweater! Score!

Anonymous said...

These pictures and your art pieces are harika!! I am very glad that I've stumbled on your blog.

szaza said...

Thank you EQart— I'm so happy that you enjoy my little blog!

@ Lydia: Isn't it a great find? I need to go back and rummage through the piles in case I missed another gem.

LallaLydia said...

you do! It reminds me of the Aegean and cretan motifs.

szaza said...

That's precisely what I thought! I love ancient Mediterranean art and patterns.

Portland Artist Trading Cards said...

The Bosphorus truly is a lovely shade of green!
Some of my favorite color's found in nature are the colors of water!