Wednesday, March 4, 2009

happy wednesday

The sun finally came out and I went to the Yeniköy Spor Kulübü for a little sketching. There is this elegant old lady that always sits at the same table in her dark fur coat and pearls. She reads everything in the paper over a glass of tea. As I was sketching her in my Moly, the sweet elderly gentleman that I believe might be the owner, came up to me with a sheet of paper and motioned to me to draw his fabulous customer. Once I was finished in my sketchbook, I drew her again for him. When I was done, a big smile spread across his face and he rushed off to give the drawing to her. I always get a little nervous that people might not like the way I've drawn her, but when I saw look of shock turn into happiness, my day was made.

Once home, I started working on turning a spare room into my new studio. It has plenty of light in the daytime, and is large enough to do whatever I please on whatever sized canvas I choose. In addition to the beautiful large canvases, I bought some 15 cm by 20 cm canvas boards that I am going to use for my attempt at doing a painting a day. I don't know how long I can keep it up, but I am going to try my hardest to do 365 small oil paintings. Here's the first:

The day got even better when a package from Mexico arrived with two Mollies inside for me to work on. Fellow Moleskine Exchanger Yoda Navarrete, sent me a book for Exchange 34 and 48, both look more amazing in person than on Flickr. I haven't the foggiest what I should follow these exquisite entries with.


Ramires said...

Hey Samantha, my book is there :-)))
I Love your new blog and project.
Your work is wonderfull

Ramires said...

...or your work is Harika :-)

szaza said...

I was so excited to see it! It's one of the most beautiful Mollies I have seen. The work by you, Santiago and Yoda is stunning.

Thank you :)

redrock said...

I am traveling to Istanbul for the first time this year.Your sketches are inspiring.I have never kept a journal before but now have a new moleskin (haha, I know some new jargon)and I am sketching from my past travels daily. Thanks for sharing your work...cok guzel