Friday, March 6, 2009


I love supermarkets. I love all the neatly stacked brightly coloured packages of soaps and cereals, the piles of produce and shelves of oil tins. This is probably why I take so long to grocery shop, I'm too busy wandering through the aisles staring at everything.


Chris Menice said...

If my grocery store were that neat or colorful, I might be there a while too!

How are your mini paintings coming...I want to see some more! :D

szaza said...

Haha! I love the packaging here, the colours are so bright.

I'll be posting some tonight. I've got some lemons and olives. Today is an orange :)

Nat said...

love the packaging too :)

and it's funny - don't know how could be translated the word "cay" (sorry don't have some special caracteers on my keyboard) in "Dogus Cay rice", but in russian "cay" ([tchay]) means 'tea' :)

szaza said...

"Çay" is tea in Turkish— just like in Russian, and "shai" is tea in Arabic. It seems as though tea is much the same in many languages :)

Nat said...

it seams to be
and you know, we have many similar words but sometimes with different sense - 'stakan', 'durak'... and when something is off, we said 'it's yok' :)