Saturday, May 23, 2009


The Moleskine Detour Exhibition was a great success— at one point I heard someone gleefully exclaiming that there were 500 people at the event, and the night was nowhere near over. The work was really fun with some books that stood out as exceptional. It was such a treat to leaf through the pages of someone else's Moly— we were given white cotton gloves to wear to protect the pieces. I really loved the super-industrial gallery space, as I mentioned in an earlier post, santralistanbul used to be the first power plant of the Ottoman Empire. I wished I had taken photos, but once Moleksine starts posting event photos on their site, I'll share some with you. The floor was metal grating with red lights underneath that shone upwards, and the books were on these illuminated podiums... very cool. I met some fabulous people and really enjoyed myself. If you are in Istanbul between now and the 21st of June, I highly recommend dropping by to see this unique show.

Today I am off to Prague, a city I have longed to see since I was a little girl. I love that Istanbul is right in the middle of what seems to be everything— it's only a two and a half hour flight to Prague, and the tickets are cheap. On the subject of Istanbul's ideal location, I'll digress for a second here— I found out the other day that India is only about 5 hours away! India seemed so distant to me, so inaccessible, and now it seems like a possibility.

I'm especially excited about the trip because I'll be visiting my friend J, who I haven't seen in almost two years. She has promised there will be beers, which of course must all be fabulous being that the Czech Republic is famous for its beer. Beer is rarely my beverage of choice unless it's good beer. So I'm off to get things sorted before I leave, I'll return next week with loads of photos and sketches. Görüşürüz— see you later!

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Siddartha Babbii said...

Wow! you're a very traveler lady! Prague! i love prague!!!! please do an sketch for some puppets, and Charles bridge please! please! i can't way to see your city sketches!!!!!! yay!!!!!

PD. Congratulations about the exhibit!

szaza said...

Thank you Ben, but I didn't have anything in the exhibit— there were loads of wonderful artists in the show.