Sunday, May 10, 2009

four to go

Here's my final entry in Anna Denise's book for Moly-X13. Once Anna finishes the last two and a half pages, the book will be completed and we'll start all over again with new books. This is the first exchange I have participated in, an exchange I put together myself, so it's been a really special one for me.

I used a Micron Pigma pen, Winsor & Newton India ink and white ink, watercolour and gouache. This Moly is so beautifully vibrant that I wanted to use some subtle and soft colours to bring it all down to a close, like in a symphony. I don't know the proper term— diminuendo?

Now my stack of Moleskines has gotten down to a more manageable four. I'll be working on these during the next few weeks.


ksklein said...

love, love, love it.

Lady Orlando said...

I have to say, first, that is a lovely entry, second that you'll get some molies from me, but not too soon, so don't you worry ;)

szaza said...

Thank you Kerstin and Yoda!

Don't worry, I'm not worried :D
I have to hold onto a few here since people are moving etc. So it'll be ok.