Saturday, October 10, 2009

istanbul sketchers

I began an Istanbul sketching group yesterday, creatively called "Istanbul Sketchers." We are a group of people from all sorts of places who live in Istanbul and feel the urge to draw this gorgeous and unique city. We'll meet every week at a different predetermined location, armed with sketchbooks, pens, pencils and various other artsy tools.

On our first outing, we chose to draw some of the vibrant café life in Cihangir, known for its Bohemian flair and interesting characters. While I was working on the sketch below, the guy in the sunglasses surprised me by coming up and asking to see the drawing of him he knew I was doing. I handed over my sketchpad with shaky fingers and a slight pink in my cheeks, hoping I'd get a positive reaction. He showed his friends, who all seemed to approve, and as he handed back the drawing, he confided with a smile that he wished he could have it.

I thought I'd include some sketches I did yesterday while out with my friend E, also in Cihangir. The last drawing was on the metro.

Once we get some more work behind us, I'll set us up with a blog and link us to Urban Sketchers, the international group of sketch artists that I am proud to be a member of. I hope to eventually turn Istanbul Sketchers into something with gallery shows and maybe a published book. Hopefully it'll catch on and more people will join us for an afternoon of drawing and endless glasses of çay.

If you are in the Istanbul area and would like to sketch with us, post a comment and let me know. All skill levels are welcome.

The lovely and skilled hands in the photograph belong to illustrator Jo Hodgkinson.


Sandy Sze said...

Oh these sketches are lovely! My boyfriend lives in istanbul, I just gave him a moleskine as a gift to encourage him to draw, maybe I can ask him to join you guys next time ^_^

Rosa Marrero said...

i don´t live in Istambul, but i´d like.
congratulations for yor work.

Thomas Taylor said...

You're so lucky to be able gather together sufficient sketchers for a club. I used to 'belong' to something informal but we're all a bit scattered about these days.

Great drawings, and the tea (?) looks delicious.

Alain Bertin said...

Great idea and beautiful sketches!

ozkan karababa said...

Hi Szaza

let me know about the your timing, i go out time to time for sketching as well. i like your sketches.

Check some of my studies through


Hedy said...

Your work is really beautiful and your blog is a great gateway to Istanbul!Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes,