Saturday, October 31, 2009

worn out soles, happy soul

I've just returned to Istanbul with thinner soles on my Malibrans and over two hundred photos of five days in Budapest. I am still in awe over how much I walked— in heels too, mind you. The weather was a bit more than chilly but thankfully dry, and every time I felt my fingers getting stiff, there was a hot mulled wine vendor around the corner to warm them up. Budapest is a beautiful city with such a range of architectural styles, and the most statues I think I've ever seen in one place. I met some fascinating people, including an Iron Man competitor, a mother and daughter who were in the midst of a European tour, our cute and quiet Hungarian receptionist, and an intimidating waffle man. After all that fun and adventure, I am ready to sleep for the next three days.

I would like to add a note of thanks to the pilot of THY Flight 1483— you are a rockstar. With the way the plane was swaying as we were coming in for landing, I seriously wondered if we were about to hear an announcement to hug our knees and brace for impact. The landing seemed effortless and incredibly smooth. Thank you.

Stay tuned for loads more!



I have an idea of how your feel felt after making the mistake of walking round Amsterdam in heels. Giving in on a Sunday, the only shops open were the more unusual ones. We ended up buying some dodgy retro boots in a '70's shop. They were totally strange and - have never been worn again!

szaza said...

Haha— I too had once bought some dodgy retro cork platforms in a flea market in Amsterdam. They fell apart in the rain!