Sunday, June 20, 2010

barcelona in ink

Yesterday, Nina said something that I feel accurately sums up the experience I had in Barcelona— "there is a before and an after Barcelona." I had such an amazing time exploring, meeting talented artists, making new friends and reflecting on my life decisions and recent and ongoing artist's block. Being able to talk and listen to Lapin, Nina and Miguel was the most valuable and memorable part of this trip, and thumbing through their sketchbooks was incredibly inspiring. I've missed being around other illustrators, artists and designers— the exchange of ideas and art with others is so necessary for inspiration and motivation. I feel revived.

Had the volcano in Iceland not erupted when it did, I wouldn't have met Lapin, Nina or Miguel— the timing would have been off. What I thought was bit of bad luck turned out to be the best I could have hoped for. Indeed, I feel that my life and art post-Barcelona is moving to a new beat.

Thank you Lapin and Lapinette, thank you Nina, thank you Miguel, thank you Barcelona.

Lapin draws me on the terrace.
See Lapin's sketch of me on his blog.


lapin said...

I could tell that for me there is a before and after barelona… since I live there, I progress so much.
and as I told you, I really like your sketch of the view from the terrace.

szaza said...

Thank you so much!
There was something so magical about the whole experience, and I'm full of all these ideas... I did a drawing of a building yesterday in the same linear style. Very challenging, very fun!

travelingsuep said...

I find your work inspirational and as I discovered your blog whilst you were in Barcelona maybe I can share your post=Barcelona feeling.

I love these ink drawings of Barcelona and I look forward to your new work.

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Sue— I'm so happy you enjoy the blog and my work.

I have some new pieces that need scanning :)

Samuel Hernández said...

Your drawings are very good. Always good to discover new artists, new illustrators ... and ending in Barcelona is an adventure. We've taken advantage, looking at your drawings.

(Sorry if I am not well understood ... is that English is not my thing)

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Samuel— I'm so happy you like my drawings!

Your English is just fine :)

Sean said...

Which Moleskine is that you draw in? I have used the sketchbook moleskines but the paper is so yellow and I dislike how it sucks ink into the page.

szaza said...

Sean, I was having issues with the sketchbook Moleskine and its absorption as well, so at Lapin's suggestion, I switched to the plain notebook paper one. It is thinner, and at times ink will show through, but I find the paper less absorbent and I prefer its whiter paper.

Dexter Sargeant Rothchild said...

This is great stuff... it reminds me when I lived in Plaça Reial near la Rambla. you should check it Gaudi designed the lampost there:)