Sunday, June 20, 2010


Before diving into a colourful world of stars, circles, lines and birds, Lapin, Lapinette and I decided to swing by the temporary Murals exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró.

Wall artists from Mauritania, the US, Mexico, Thailand and Europe, painted directly onto museum walls alongside the intricate and bold work of graffiti artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Singapore— a truly international burst of creativity and colour. The variety and energy of the show was so diverse, so exciting, I'm lucky to have caught it. I loved the contrast between the muted, anonymous hand-painting by the Coopérative Féminine de Djajibiné Gandega, and Lothar Götz's bright, angular precision. I marvelled at Brian Rea's obsessive scrawling and Ludovica Gioscia's waterfall of funky wallpaper. I was mesmerised by Sakarin Krue-On's redder than red, delicately dotted wall.

What gorgeousness.

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